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If you’ve been looking for pain relief, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Jonathan Bright can provide chiropractic adjustments in Plainfield, IN. This way, you can secure lasting pain relief, increased mobility, and better overall health. Ultimately, when it comes to treating pain, it’s hard to beat chiropractic care. Let’s take a look at why.

The Chiropractic Difference

Pain medications can be great for providing temporary relief. However, if your spine is out of alignment or you're otherwise suffering from underlying issues that are triggering your nerves and causing them to send pain signals to your brain, medication often provides only temporary relief.

Perhaps even worse, because medication blocks pain signals, you may end up shutting down one of your body’s most important warning mechanisms. When your body sends pain signals to the brain, it’s often a warning that you may be overexerting yourself or otherwise are putting yourself at risk. This can greatly increase the chances of you suffering another injury. You might also make a current injury worse.

Rather than simply covering up pain signals, it’s better to address the issues that are triggering them. One of the most effective forms of treatment is chiropractic adjustment. With this technique, a chiropractor can ensure that your spine is in proper alignment. Once the spine is aligned correctly, it can reduce aches and strain throughout the body.

Besides addressing back pain, chiropractic adjustments may help with sciatica (which produces numbness or pain in the legs), headaches, shoulder pain, and more. Since your spine is the foundation of your body, any spinal issues that crop up could strain muscles and tension elsewhere in the body. 

Looking for pain relief?  Dr. Jonathan Bright provides chiropractic adjustments in Plainfield, IN, and can utilize other pain treatment techniques.

Resolving Pain and Reducing Risks

Unfortunately, some people end up struggling with dependency because they rely on medication to mask pain. When you take medicine, the body often responds by building up tolerance. As a result, a patient might increase their dosage size after a few months of taking a particular medication. This can cause someone to be exposed to long-term side effects. With chiropractic care, you can reduce, if not eliminate, the need to use painkillers. This can dramatically reduce the risk of dependency.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact Dr. Bright. He provides. chiropractic adjustments in Plainfield, IN, and can utilize other forms of care. Call 317 839 3900 to start your journey to lasting pain relief.

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