Digital X-Rays

Dr. Jonathan Bright and his team at Bright Chiropractic, serving Plainfield, IN, are proud to offer the highest level of chiropractic care, including digital X-rays. Your wellness is our focus!

Understanding Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays or radiography are similar to traditional X-rays and have been used commercially for over 20 years. The key difference is the technology used for creating the imaging. Traditional X-rays use photographic film, while digital X-rays use digital sensors.

Chiropractors utilize digital X-rays as a diagnostic tool to screen patients at their initial appointments for spinal health. This is especially valuable if you visit Dr. Bright for a trauma- or injury-related concern as they may help isolate the underlying cause of specific symptoms. Your chiropractor may also recommend X-rays if your musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, is not improving. Every patient is unique, and Dr. Bright will only use X-rays when necessary for your well-being.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

There are several benefits to using digital X-rays over the more traditional film X-rays. These include:

  • Results are available almost immediately for your healthcare provider to review.
  • Improved clarity and enhancement of images
  • Digital X-rays can be stored and recalled easily using the appropriate software.

Chiropractors, like Dr. Bright at Bright Chiropractic serving Plainfield, IN, who have patients with pain-related complaints, know that sometimes time is of the essence when it comes to adjusting and manipulating the spine so that you can have much-needed relief from pain-related symptoms while they draw up a treatment plan that will allow you to bounce back in better physical health than before.

Chiropractic Complaints and Solutions

Dr. Bright and his team see patients for several reasons, including lower back and neck pain. If you are suffering from one of the following, then it’s time to make an appointment with us:

  • Upper back and shoulder pain
  • Extremity pain in the legs and arms
  • Foot issues due to falling arches, which can cause knee, hip, and lower back issues in the long run.
  • Personal, sports, or auto injuries

To treat the chiropractic complaints, we offer some of the following holistic and natural solutions:

  • Chiropractic adjustments and manipulations
  • Prescribed exercises and stretching techniques to treat musculoskeletal imbalances.
  • Electrical stimulation therapies
  • Cupping and taping

We offer chiropractic solutions for the whole family, including pediatric and geriatric care, because at Bright Chiropractic, you become part of our family.

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