Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Electrical muscle stimulation

From injuries to muscle tension, Dr. Jonathan Bright and the team at Bright Chiropractic in Plainfield, IN, are dedicated to providing you with relief through natural effective treatment techniques, including electrical muscle stimulation.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation and Chiropractic Care

Your muscles play a very important role in your daily life. They often get damaged due to accidents or even ongoing habits. When this happens, it not only creates pain but can also put unnecessary stress on your bones, leading to a misalignment and other issues. Learn below why chiropractors like Dr. Bright at Bright Chiropractic in Plainfield, IN, offer electrical muscle stimulation or EMS to heal your soft tissues.

What Is EMS, and How Does It Work?

EMS is a technique in which small pads are placed on damaged areas. Small electrical currents are sent through these pads to the tissues, where they create contractions. As the muscles contract and release, blood travels to the area, which helps stimulate healing. Additionally, tension, inflammation, and muscle spasms are relieved.

If the idea of electrical currents scares you, it’s important to know that you have natural electrical currents flowing through your body already. These currents are responsible for various things, including your heart pumping. The currents that EMS produces mimic these natural currents, and have been used for quite some time to help repair and strengthen muscles.

Why Use EMS in Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic care involves comprehensively addressing the underlying source of pain as well as the symptoms. Imagine that you have a misalignment in the lower back. The surrounding muscles have been working hard to overcompensate for the misalignment, which has led to tension and muscle spasms.

If the chiropractor only corrects the misalignment, the tension and spasms are still present. Not only does this mean you are still suffering, but it can also lead to the spine being pulled back out of alignment.

Instead, your chiropractor will combine techniques to address the misalignment as well as the soft tissues. EMS provides a very effective way of relieving tension and spasms, restoring range of motion to help keep tension at bay, improving blood flow, empowering the soft tissues to heal, and blocking pain signals to the brain.

Visit Dr. Bright and the team at Bright Chiropractic in Plainfield, IN, to determine if electrical muscle stimulation can play a role in relieving your pain and suffering. Call (317) 839-3900 to schedule an appointment today.

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