Low Back Pain Treatments

Preventing Lower Back Pain

A common injury, lower back pain oftens occurs when you have strained your back muscles or back tendons, but it can also be a result of a condition or disease. Daily activities such as sleeping, doing chores, or working your job can become difficult to perform depending on how severe your lower back pain is. Typically, lower back pain can be resolved with over the counter pain medication, cold and hot compresses, and ointments. Other times, surgery may be required to resolve the pain and repair the lasting problem. Dr. Jonathan Bright at Bright Chiropractic can help you if you are experiencing lower back pain. 

There are many risk factors of lower back pain that you should be aware of. These include:

-Age: people over 30 begin to notice lower back pain because their discs wear with age

-Weight: people who are obese often experience more lower back pain than those who are at a healthy weight

-Overall health: smoking, drinking alcohol, and not exercising can all contribute to lower back pain

-Occupation/lifestyle: heavy lifting jobs may cause more lower back pain, especially if objects are not lifted correctly

-Spine alignment: conditions where the spine is misaligned, like scoliosis, can cause lower back pain as well

-Disease: osteoarthritis and certain types of cancer have cause many people lower back pain

-Mental health: depression and anxiety can also cause lower back pain

The best way to beat lower back pain is to prevent back injury. You can do this by maintaining a healthy weight, strengthening your abdominal muscles, and lifting objects the correct way. But we understand that things happen out of our control sometimes and we end up hurting ourselves. Lower back pain symptoms can occur suddenly or gradually over time. Pain may be dull or achy and can bring about sciatica. Certain positions will hurt more than others and lying down will almost always bring relief. Some indications that you may be experiencing lower back pain include muscle spasms, crooked posture, or stiffness. 

Contact Bright Chiropractic in Plainfield, IN, today with any questions or concerns. If you are dealing with lower back pain, we will get you on the road to recovery!

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